Language Consultancy Services

Language Consultancy Services - Translation & Interpreting Agency Ecrivus International

We offer the most complete language consultancy services on the market today. We are the only agency worldwide being able to offer language consultation services in over 225 languages.

Unsure about how to localise your online product or service? Thinking about buying a Content Management System, but wondering how it will support multiple languages? Or simply want to know whether you need Simplified or Traditional Chinese? Need to know how to address your clients with cultural nuances in a specific country?

At Ecrivus International, we’re language experts in every sense of the word. We offer our in-depth knowledge of cultural and linguistic matters through our exclusive language consultancy service.

Below is a list of consultancy services we are regularly asked to provide:

  • Globalisation Auditing. We can assess the current state of your organisation’s global and local strategy and provide an in-depth report containing recommendations to increase your revenue, make your localisation processes more efficient and save you money.
  • Concept Testing. We provide structured feedback on proposed product names, slogans and straplines to ensure your organisation uses the most suitable local-language versions for your intended markets.
  • Language Technology. We can help you understand whether a particular technology, such as machine translation or author memory, is the right choice for your circumstances – we “demystify” the language technology on the market and show what it really does.
  • Cultural Suitability. We advise on the appropriateness and implications (e.g. political, social, ethnic or gender-specific) of text or imagery proposed for use.
  • Language Specifics. Obtain expert information on regional variations (e.g. European and Brazilian Portuguese, European or Latin-American Spanish), writing systems (e.g. Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji and Romaji for Japanese) and multilingual font support.

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