Quality Assurance (QA)

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At Ecrivus International, you can rest assured that we take our commitment towards Quality Assurance (QA) very seriously. Our business is built on improving quality standards, so that our clients receive the best possible language solutions. We are passionate about what we do and dedicated to offering a world-class translation service.

Translation Quality Assurance System

Our main goal is to achieve high-quality language services and to deliver to our clients within time and on budget. In order to achieve this, we invest in the latest Quality Assurance Tools and employ our proprietary 10-step Quality Assurance Process.

Translation Quality Assurance in 10 steps

The reason why we can assure the quality for your translation is because we work according to a step-by-step plan:

  1.   Your translation will be accurately analysed
  2.   A detailed planning will be drawn up for your translation
  3.   Your translation will be allocated to a qualified native speaker translator
  4.   A terminology database will be set up for your translation
  5.   A CAT-tool (Translation Memory) will be set up for your translation
  6.   Your translation will be translated into the target language
  7.   Quality Assurance will be used during the entire translation process
  8.   Your translation will be put in the appropriate format (DTP/typesetting)
  9.   The ninth step of our Quality Assurance is the second proofreading of your translation by a native speaker editor/proofreader
  10. Final Quality Assurance check, clearance and delivery to the client

Interpreting Quality-Assurance

To ensure quality interpreting services we:

  • Only use qualified native interpreters, with specific specialisations
  • Manage and optimise interpreting assignments through our CRM
  • Only use the latest interpretation equipment available from well-established audio brands, such as Sennheiser®, Philips® and Sony®

Localization Quality Assurance

To ensure top-quality localization services we:

  • Employ qualified localization experts with extensive experience
  • Take a consultative approach to identifying our clients’ needs and offer the right solution
  • Use a checklist with over 100 considerations in the process of internationalization
  • Involve our client during the entire process and encourage a collaborative approach
  • Implement proven final checks to monitor the final quality.

All staff and linguists understand the requirements of our Quality Policy and abide with the contents of the associated Quality Handbook. We constantly monitor our performance and implement improvements when appropriate to ensure a high-quality translation service.

We take QA very seriously and this is reflected in our mission, goals, customer service, systems, processes and project management. This approach, combined with efficient project management workflows, means our clients can rely on us for a consistent level of translation quality and customer service.

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