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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and multilingual SEO has developed into a key asset in marketing strategies over the last few years. Website optimisation is an ideal solution to attract more visitors and increase conversion and revenues.

SEO is essential

Less than 30% of your online visitors speak English as their native language. This means that you could increase your website’s traffic and marketing potential by over 70% if you would optimise your website with SEO in other languages.

Why should I consider multilingual SEO?

Despite the dominance of English on the internet, less than 30% of web users speak English as their first language. This percentage is slowly decreasing, as more and more countries become digitally-enabled. This proves the need for SEO for foreign language websites in order for businesses to communicate efficiently with their customers and attract more global visitors. However, a proven multilingual SEO strategy is essential to attract the desired visitors. Web searchers generally click on one of the top three listings in their search results. Therefore, it is critical for a website to rank as highly as possible.

Our role in SEO for foreign languages

Users of search engines generally click on one of the top three listings in the search results. For this reason, it is of paramount importance for a website to rank as highly as possible. This can be achieved by selecting the right popular keywords combined with excellent copywriting content. With multilingual SEO, you’ll see a great improvement in organic search rankings, which will in turn result in more traffic to your website, and more revenue. Multilingual SEO has become increasingly popular, as more and more businesses aim to have their sites in more languages. Our consultancy and localisation services around SEO for websites, PPC, blogs, vlogs, etc. is growing rapidly. However, it is vital that localisation servies and multilingual SEO are offered simultaneously. After all, a perfectly localised website is not enough to rank high in Google® – it’s multilingual SEO that really makes the difference, when market-specific keywords are woven into the texts. We perform keyword research to find the most lucrative target language keywords and we incorporate them into the texts.

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