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Voice Recording Services for Apps, Commercials, Corporate Videos, E-Learning, Games, Internet, Telephony and TV & Radio Programs. We have the voice over that matches your production perfectly.

We’re one of the world’s largest in Voice-Over, Translation and Professional Language Solutions. We deliver high-quality voice recordings and translations in over 225 languages. We supply voices and ready-to-use recordings for all types of productions, including voicemail, PBX telephone systems, e-learning courses, radio and TV commercials, mobile apps and TV programs.

All Platforms

Whether you’re looking for a voice-over for an App, Televison Commercial, e-learning tool or a Telephone Menu, we’ve got it.

One-Stop-Shop voice-over agency

Your Story, Our Mission. Whether you need a simple voicemail or a commercial in 25 languages, we handle it all, including the translations.

Our voice recording studio

Our passion for high-quality recordings is reflected in our worldwide high-end studios. Over 225 languages available!Free Casting Proposal

We create a free voice proposal of suitable voices for all of our clients. During the selection process, we consider the type of project and the intended target audience.

We’ll get you from A to Z

As a One-Stop-Shop, we take care of everything. As soon as a voice has been selected, we will translate the scripts, book the voices and take care of editing. Enjoy the luxury of a hassle-free, all-in-one solution.

Over 225 voice-over languages

We are the only voice over agency in the world offering as many as 225 languages!  Over 10,000 professional voice over artists and linguists worldwide have joined our voice-over network.

Same-day delivery & free re-takes

We’re happy to offer same-day delivery whenever possible as well as free re-takes. Also, we provide professional guidance and advice on all audio or language related questions you may have.

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