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What is transcription?

A transcription service will convert speech into a written or digital text document. There are different variations of this service, all of which will result in a text document containing the dialogue from the source audio or video file. If you need any help choosing the right solution for your needs, we can help you to decide by discussing your requirements. Transcription services are often needed for telephone calls, legal proceedings, corporate videos, voice-over scripts, film scripts, subtitles, and minutes of a meeting.

Transcription services by Ecrivus International

In essence, there are 4 types of transcription services:

  • Basic Same Language Transcription. Consists of transcribing the source text only
  • Standard Translated Transcription. Consists of translating and transcribing in one step
  • Only the target language will be transcribed
  • Source and Target Transcription

We also offer the following advanced transcription services:

  • Verbatim
  • Technical
  • Revised Summary
  • Script Style
  • Multiple Speakers
  • Time coded transcriptions
  • Color coded transcriptions

Our transcription services are available in over 225 languages. No request is too unusual and we can work with a large variety of file formats. Contact us today for more information and a personal quotation.

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